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“One quarter of GDP is persuasion” wrote Donald McCloskey and Arjo Klamer in their 1995 research article in the American Economic Review.

Even though many of us are not economists, we instinctively relate to this finding.  We persuade our boss to give us a raise.  We convince our clients to buy our services.  We win over corporate and admissions recruiters to admit us into their institutions.  We sway friends to donate to our favorite charities. Hardly a minute goes by in our lives when we aren’t trying to inspire others to join us.

At the heart of leadership lies persuasion.  At the heart of persuasion lies storytelling. Whether we know it or not we do both every day. But how many of us have been trained on storytelling as it exists within the context of leadership?

This is where the Leadership Story Lab comes in. Learn how to tell brief and brilliant stories by attending  an upcoming workshop or contact us for a customized session.  For more tips, resources and strategies on Storytelling With Business Impact, sign up for our monthly newsletter today!

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